Organized by Nepal Army, a joint team of army officials from 28 countries are taking part in Exercise Shanti Prayas III

Issue Name : Vol.10,No 15, March 24,2017 (Chaitra 11,2073)

With almost five decades of experience in UN Peacekeeping Operations, Nepal Army has established its personnel as professional peacekeepers.

Just a day before leaving for Southern Sudan to share his experience with the British Army peacekeepers deployed there, Nepal Army’s senior officer Major Ramesh Kumar Pun was at hand when Nepal Army and United States Pacific Command hosted a multinational military exercise.

With military personnel from 28 countries, Exercise Shanti Prayas III, had kicked off at the Nepal Army’s Birendra Peace Operations Training Centre (BPOTC) in Panchkhal.

Inaugurated by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, the 15-day event, aims at enhancing peacekeeping capabilities of the army personnel with others from countries that send troops for the peacekeeping missions worldwide under the United Nations.

“Promotion of international peace and security are issues of paramount importance for the United Nations. Nepal has been consistently supporting the UN efforts in the maintenance of international peace and security through continuous participation in the UN Peacekeeping missions,” said prime minister Dahal.

Protection of civilians remains the article of faith to the Nepali peacekeepers, he stated.

“Nepal has recently endorsed the Kigali principles in its entirety and we have unfailing commitment to the relevant UN Security Council resolutions. Principles incorporated in those documents are ingrained as core components of the training and development of our peacekeepers.”

According to the Nepal Army, the Exercise Shanti Prayas III, which means Peace Endeavour, is the latest in a continuing series of exercises in the Asia-Pacific region designed to promote regional peace and security and enhance the peacekeeping capabilities and capacity of nations participating in the Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI).


The third edition of the multinational peacekeeping exercise includes field training, critical enabler and capability enhancement, staff training and regional training seminar.

GPOI is a G8 nations’ initiative to increase peace support operations capabilities worldwide. GPOI expands global peacekeeping capability and capacity to meet increased peace support operations requirements through a long-term commitment to assist partner nations with training, facilities and equipment in establishing an increased level of indigenous training capacity.

United States Pacific Command (USPACOM)’s Admiral Harry B. Harris Jr also attended the event.

Major General Pun Invited By British Army

Nepal Army Major General Ramesh Kumar Pun left for United Kingdom to share his experiences even as the event was going on. Major General Pun will share his experience with the British Army personnel, who will be deployed in South Sudan. Major General Pun was invited by the British Army as a subject matter expert.

“This is a matter of pride for Nepal Army to be invited by highly developed countries like United Kingdom,” said a press release issued by Nepal Army. Major General Pun is the graduate of Royal Military Academy Sandhrust and now he will be conducting the training as a trainer.

He has a long experience of working in various UN peacekeeping missions. Major General Pun works in UNIFIL, UNTAES, UNAMSIL and has been a Deputy Force Commander at UNMISS, where he led over 125,000 peacekeepers from different parts of the world.



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