Formal inauguration of 5 new Branches of NIC ASIA Bank

Formal inauguration of 5 new Branches of NIC ASIA Bank

Issue Name : Vol.10,No 16,April 7,2017 (Chaitra 25,2073)

Five new branches of NIC ASIA Bank in different locations have been formally inaugurated today (i.e. 07th April 2017). Bank’s 81st branch at Bardaghat, Nawalparasi and 88th branch at Tansen, Palpa was jointly inaugurated by Rajendra Prasad Aryal and Binod Kumar Pyakurel, Directors of NIC ASIA Bank, 84th branch at Lamki, Kailali and 89th branch at Tikapur, Kailali was jointly inaugurated by Gopal Hamal, Central Member of FNCCI and Him Rawal, and 86th branch at Hile, Dhankuta was inaugurated by Umesh Ghimire, President of Dhankuta FNCCI.

“NIC ASIA Bank is one of the largest private sector commercial banks in the country in terms of capital base, balance-sheet size, customer base, number of branch and ATM network.,” said Press release issued by Bank,

The Bank has a strategy to reach every possible market for better service of its customers and there are more branches coming in operation soon.



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