German Parliament’s vice President Claudia Roth Completes Nepal visit

Ms. Claudia Roth, vice president of German Parliament, completes her three days visit to Nepal.

Issue Name : Vol.10,No 16,April 7,2017 (Chaitra 25,2073)

Ms. Claudia Roth, vice president of German Parliament, completes her three days visit to Nepal from April 9-11. The objective of the visit was to enhance cooperation between the parliament of Nepal and Germany, thereby contributing to strengthen longstanding bilateral friendship between the two countries.

While in Nepal, vice president Roth paid courtesy visit to President of Nepal Bidya Devi Bhandari. Vice president Roth apprised to the president about ongoing bilateral exchanges between the parliaments of the two countries. Expressing Germany’s readiness to help Nepal in the multiple fields of development, vice president Roth expressed hope that Nepal’s new constitution would pave the path of political stability and unity of the people and that it will fully implemented soon.

President Bhandari thanked the people and government of Germany for their continuous support to Nepal’s development.

According to a press release issued by Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany, in her meeting with speaker of Nepal’s Legislature Parliament Onsari Gharti Magar, vice president Roth recalled their meeting in the sidelines of the conference of Intern Parliamentary Union, held in Dhaka of Bangladesh recently. Vice president Roth stressed on the closer cooperation between the parliaments of Nepal and Germany.

Vice President Ruth held fruitful dialogue with Nepal’s human rights  community and civil society, and highlighted their important role in realizing the goods of peace, justice and reconciliation process. Rs Roth said Nepal should take leadership in the region to articulate the increasing damages of climate change.

“I really call all political parties to take part in the elections. But, there need to create conducive environment to make the elections inclusive and democratic with aspiration of all citizens of Nepal from all the regions,” said Roth. Just holding elections does not necessarily solve problems but what is important is no one should be left behind the elections including Madheshis and other marginal and groups.”

Asking Nepal to take lead in climate change, vice president Ruth said that Nepal is one of the most vulnerable countries and the country will suffer badly due to rising temperature. While I was flying from Bhutan, I saw declining snow from peak of mountains. It is terrible for the world as well as to the world. Those who are against the climate change should be brought to Nepal to show how snow is declining.”




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