Indian Culture Center Organizes Bhangra Performance

Indian Culture Center Organizes Bhangra Performance

Issue Name : Vol.10,No 16,April 7,2017 (Chaitra 25,2073)

The Indian Cultural Centre (ICC), Embassy of India, Kathmandu celebrated Baisakhi and the Nepali New Year on 12 April, 2017. On the occasion a cultural event under the theme “Colours of the Northern and Southern States of India was presented by a 12-member cultural troupe from India led by Kuljeet Singh and Students of the ICC.

The festivals of Baisakhi and the Nepali New Year, widely celebrated in both the countries, showcased cultural affinities that exists between our two countries.

Inaugurated by Manjeev Singh Puri, Ambassador of India to Nepal, the event witnessed a houseful audience from different walks of the Nepali society including lawmakers, academicians, musicians, local people and individuals from the Indian community living in Nepal.

“As a close neighbours, India and Nepal share a unique relationship of friendship and cooperation characterized by deeply rooted people-to-people contacts of kinship and culture,” said a press release issued by Indian Embassy.

This celebration of Baisakhi and the Nepali New Year 2074 is a singular effort of the Indian Cultural Centre towards cementing our common cultural values and strengthening people-to-people contacts. This event would help in enhancing mutual appreciation of each other’s culture in days ahead.

The visiting Indian Cultural troupes also performed the dance at Gurdwara Guru Nanak Satsang, Kupandole.



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