Nepal Can Benefit From Israeli Technology: Herman

ZXI HERMAN, Executive Director Agriculture Division of LR Group, recently visited Nepal. Herman spoke to NEW SPOTLIGHT on various issues. Excerpts:

Issue Name : Vol.10,No 15, March 24,2017 (Chaitra 11,2073)

How do you the possibility of sharing the technology related to water and agriculture with Israel?

First of all, Nepal can benefit a lot with technology from Israel, particularly in water management and agriculture. I had a privilege to take part in the International Infrastructure Summit, which is very international with enough local participation. The Infrastructure Summit showed that Nepal is in the mood to attract foreign investment and technologies in various sectors. There are always bottlenecks and constraints. I find that Nepal is willing to be in a middle-income country by 2030. You need technology and infrastructure to make it happen. There is energy.

How about sharing technology?

Israel is not a superpower or a big country like Russia, Israel is a technology-based country. In all the sectors, we have applied practical-oriented technologies. From agriculture to water or IT, Israel has its own technology. In many fields of technology-driven areas, we can step in because these are not too much giants. You can bring in telecommunication. There are medium and large countries which are willing to come to Nepal and they are useful in terms of size and the tradition and the culture of business going on. Given Nepal’s demand for new technology, Israel will fit in very nicely. In water management and agriculture, our technology can be suitable for Nepal. In agriculture, our technology will be more applicable to Nepal. You are an agriculture country, with such a diverse climatic zones with High Mountains, hills and plains. Mixing the technology will enhance your capability. You have a huge market in both of your sides; it will be very beneficial for a country like yours to import agriculture products. Although you are landlocked, you can change through agriculture, you need to go for high value crops. You will be better off. Your country is still clean compared to others in the world and your environment is good.

What needs to be done then?

You can be branded for certain agriculture products. You need technology for this. Israel can supply the much-needed technology to brand your country in certain products.

How can you help?

It depends on the need of Nepal. The first and foremost thing Nepal needs is to decide what kinds of thing it wants to produce. Then only, we can say how our expertise may be of help on this. For instance, our irrigation technology can help enhance productivity in the areas where water is scarce. Similarly, waste water treatment plant can also help to clean the sewerage water in the city and use it for irrigation. Israeli companies are willing to come here. Once they know that there is a space for production and there is a demand as well, options are available. Nepal can come and see the technology of Israel in various expositions in Israel. There are strong agro businesses and with some proposals there, strong private sectors can come to invest.


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