Nepal School of Entrepreneurship launched the program

Nepal School of Entrepreneurship launched the program

Issue Name : Vol.10,No. 14. March 10,2017, (Falgun 27, 2073)

Nepal School of Entrepreneurship launched the program Strategic Project Management-Leadership for Change and Sustainability on March 18 aiming at reinforcing business intelligence and stimulating entrepreneurs to generate innovative ideas through revolutionary methods for the first time in Nepal. The three educational organizations - Once in a LifeTime Events, Nepal School of Entrepreneurship, and Kaospilots – will be offering the 6 month program designed as a “living and learning journey.”

At the launching event, organizers Ranjan Ojha (NSE Director) and Julia Ramos (Academic Coordinator) said that “this program will allow students to look at their individual leadership journey and how they can become leaders suitable for this changing environment demands, leaders who master positive communication, listen and motivate their teams,  leaders who can lead and can simultaneously follow.”

“While modern society is nowadays driven by economic crises, environmental destruction and social inequalities, Nepal industries and business sectors are in the position to shape themselves and promote positive impacts to ensure human and business practices also make an impact into the lives of the Nepali communities. On the other hand, innovative and out of the box thinking processes remains more effective than the traditional education system; current times demand renewed education that promotes fresh human practices based on innovative thinking as well as different organizational models for businesses,” said the press release issued by school.

“The program contributes to tackle these issues and is based on cutting edge tools, processes, methodologies and practices that are trends in many parts of the world. These systems are intended to support the emergence of projects and people that are empowered, collaborative, creative and courageous to lead the social transformation addressing global challenges. Participants will collectively share their personal experiences, learn new access to effective academic tools, methodologies and project implementation methods which combined lead the way to a life changing learning adventure. The program includes the implementation of a real life project guided by a team of international and national teachers, mentors, and experts,” said press release.

 The Strategic Project Management program revolves around 4 Core Themes, which are common to any business that wishes to succeed in the current global environment: 1. Disruptive Project Design and Management, 2. Innovation for Sustainability, 3. Organizational and Leadership Change and 4. Economic Regeneration. The learning acquired from these 4 Core Themes, will be implemented in each of the Nepal Music Festival´s departments to allow the students a practical experience.

The 20 best and most motivated candidates will be selected by the program’s committee. To ensure an inclusive system, the fees of the training is voluntary and to the students’ discretion.

This program will starts on April 24 and enrolment process is open until the end of March, people interested should visit Nepal School Of entrepreneurship web page:

Nepal School of Entrepreneurship: “is a business school with an alternative approach of learning and teaching in leadership and entrepreneurial education. Moving one step ahead from certificate driven to hands on education, NSE two sided "learning and teaching" are designed to shape students to fit into the future, and to encourage them to create it.” Nepal School of Entrepreneurship is co-founded by the team of Nepal Music Festival, a Nepalese NGO that encourages cultural and social entrepreneurship,


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