The Indian Express Hands Over Medical Equipment to Earthquake Victims Of Nepal

The Indian Express Hands Over Medical Equipment to Earthquake Victims Of Nepal

Issue Name : Vol.10. No 18,May 05,(Baisakh 22, 2074)

Executive Editor of The Indian Express Rakesh Sinha handed over the medical equipment worth of 8 million Indian rupees to Minister of Health and Population of Nepal Gagan Thapa to provide three earthquake affected health posts of Nuwakot, Rasuwa and Sindupalchwok districts.

In the same program, Minister Thapa handed over the equipment to concerned head of the health posts of three districts.

Following the massive earthquake in April, 2015, The Indian Express group established the Indian Express Citizens’ Initiative for Nepal earthquake. The money was collected under the schemes. The donations include X-Ray machines, incubators and surgery equipments.

Addressing the program, Minister of Health and Population Thapa said that the generosity shown by the group is highly important. He thanked the Indian Expressed group showing solidarity to the earthquake victims of Nepal. “This generosity has shown how the existing deep relations between people of Nepal and India, “said minister Thapa.  “The government of Nepal sees this is as a token of love from people of India.”

Executive editor of The Indian Express Sinha expressed the hope that these equipments will provide much needed support to the people leaving in remote parts of Nepal.

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