Brief History of New Spotlight News Magazine

Spotlight is a national weekly news magazine in Nepal. Founded in 1991 as a Spotlight Monthly by former diplomat Madhav Prasad Rimal, the publication became fortnightly in 1991. Political scientist and civil society activist Ananda Aditya served as the executive editor for about three years together with Dev Raj Dahal and Madan Dahal as contributors. In June 1993, the magazine weekly and journalist Sushil Sharma worked as executive editor, staying until 1996. From 1993 to 1995, journalist Binod Bhattarai worked as a senior editor. Manjushree Thapa was a columnist, while journalists Mohan Mainali, Bhagirath Yogi, Navin Singh Khadka, Sanjaya Dhakal and Thakur Amagai also contributed in different periods. Founder Madhav Prasad Rimal ceased publishing in 2008. From 1996 until the end, Keshab Poudel remained as managing editor.

After shutting down in 2008, New Spotlight was registered as a fortnightly magazine, with Poudel as both editor and publisher. With support from a group of professional journalists, New Spotlight is marketed as an independent magazine with an alternative perspective.


Editor and Publisher: Keshab Poudel

Associate Editor: Abijit Sharma

Correspondent: Uma Kanta Khanal in Jhapa

Reporter and Web Administrator: Debesh Adhikari

Marketing Managers: Madan Raj Poudel and Nabin Kumar Maharjan

Photographer: Sandesh Manandhar

Cover Design/Layout: Laxaman Gautam

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